Fixed Rate Loans

Fixed Rate Mortgages and Home Loans

Your Mortgage Rate Will Never Change

  • Security That Only a Fixed Rate Can Give You
  • Fixed Rates Mean Your Payment Will Never Change
  • Eliminates Uncertainty About Future Payments

Fixed Rate Mortgages / Fixed Rate Loans

The fixed rate mortgage has long been the most popular home financing product. With an interest rate that never changes, it provides stable, predictable monthly payments throughout the life of the loan. Fixed rate mortgages can be good for first time buyers and anyone on a budget who needs the stability of a set monthly repayment. When you refinance with a fixed rate mortgage you have the security of knowing the exact amount you will repay each month will not change. This is important if you plan on staying in the home for a period longer than five to seven years

The traditional fixed rate mortgage is the most common type of loan program, sometimes referred to as the plain vanilla loan, where monthly principal and interest payments never change during the life of the fixed rate mortgage. Fixed rate mortgages are available in terms ranging from 10 to 30 years and can be paid off at any time without penalty. This type of mortgage is structured, or “amortized” so that it will be completely paid off by the end of the loan term.