Servicing FAQ

While your loan is being reviewed for sale and transfer, the Sovereign Loan Group Servicing Team is here to help make that transition as easy as possible.


What do you need to do next?

Nothing, you will be notified prior to your first payment date if you will be making your 1st payment to Sovereign Lending Group or to a new investor.

How will I know when my loan has been sold?

  1. You will receive an email from The Servicing Team with the information.
  2. You will receive a letter in the mail with the information.
  3. You will also receive a welcome package directly from your new lender in the mail.

What If I want to make payment now?

You are welcome to make the payment by sending your check to our Corporate office and we will forward the payment on your behalf if your loan is sold.

Sovereign Lending Group
Attn: Loan Servicing
3540 Howard Way, Suite 200
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

What are my payment options with Sovereign Lending Group?

Because you may not be making any payments or possibly only 1 payment prior to the sale of your loan, you would mail a check to our corporate office.  Once your loan has been transferred to the new lender you will have several payment options.