Many Americans have issues with debt and executing a refinance Orange County can help you pay off that debt.


Here are some ways you can pay off your debt by a refinance Orange County.


Debt Consolidation With A Mortgage Refinance



Cash-out refinancing is one of the best ways you can consolidate your debt.  You essentially use money from the equity in your home to pay off the other debts that you have.  The balances are being paid off because you transfer it to your mortgage.  Morphing your debt is not only a good idea for organizational purposes but you will get a lower interest rate because of it.  Sovereign Lending Group is the go-to source for all refinance Orange County needs and treats every customer with a personalized approach.



Should You Consolidate Your Debt With A Mortgage Refinance?



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It is important to research what option is best for you before doing anything.  Sovereign Lending Group is an excellent resource to help you decide if consolidating your debt with a mortgage refinance is the best move for you.  The main thing that you need to consider is how much equity you have in your home.  It is very important to account for the equity in your home because it will affect your LTV (loan-to-value) ratio.  

The only way that you can get around the LTV requirement is if you have a VA loan.  Sovereign Lending Group is the premier mortgage lender that provides VA loans Orange County.  If you meet the specific requirements, your VA loan can be up to 100% refinanced.    


Can You Afford It?




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You can’t think of this as if you are just getting rid of your debt entirely.  All it really does is transfer that debt into your mortgage with better rates and terms.  The monthly payment will increase and you need to be ready to pay that off for your house instead of individual debts.  


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Sovereign Lending Group is a premier mortgage lender based in Costa Mesa, California.  Sovereign Lending Group is your one-stop lender for a mortgage refinance Orange County.  The personalized approach and dedication to providing the American dream are what make SLG stand out amongst the pack.  To learn more about Sovereign Lending Group, visit the website, and follow us on Instagram and Facebook.